Garden Lighting

UNIQUEMake your garden magical!

Here at Hadley Parker we have a real passion for garden lighting. It makes us really excited to think how you can transform a garden into a paradise with just some simple lighting and clever positioning.

Can you design my garden lighting?

Yes of course!

Can I use Phillips Hue?

Oh! We thought you’d never ask! We have been using Phillips Hue for just over 5 years now so we’re pretty familiar with its setup. Hue bring out new products all the time so check out their website:Phillips Hue

Do you have any photos of your work?

You can see some of our photos below on the slider or on our socials: Facebook, Instagram

Can you work with my landscaper?

Yes, we find this a great way to work. Typically the landscaper will have a design in mind and so it allows us to understand their vision and what they’re hoping to achieve. For instance in the flow beds and path areas you may have bright LED uplighters, against the walls you may have LED floodlights or bars and then in more intimate places like hot tub / decking areas you may have some small LED strips or LED markers.

How much for a simple flood light?

For a standard 15W LED Floodlight with motion sensor our prices start at £80 supplied and fitted.

What brand of lights would you recommend?

Phillips Hue, John Cullens, Lucande, Knightsbridge are all brands that we have used before.