Emergency Lighting

LIGHTINGEmergency Lighting

We offer a range of emergency lighting solutions to fit most applications. Predominantly we find ourselves working with block management companies installing the standard 3 hour, microwave sensor round style bulkhead. This allows switches in the property to be removed then replaced with blanking plates and an emergency test point installed for periodic testing. These units are relatively low cost too with prices starting from £59 per fitting.

Think about it, a traditional 100w bulkhead running 8 hours a day at 14p per unit would cost £40.88 per anum to power. It would be much more cost effective to move over to LED. Plus looking at the cost to install sensors and an emergency lighting system separately you’re quid’s in!

Will these work in a residential property?

Yes of course! These are perfect for porches and entrance ways. However you may want the light to be permanent rather than on sensor but we’ll leave that decision up to you.

Can I keep my light switches on the wall?

That depends on what type of bulkheads you go for. If you opt for Microwave Sensors then the lights will need a permanent live to operate, if however you opt for standard bulkheads then they will require a switch live meaning the wall switches will remain.

Do you have any photos of your work?

You can see some of our photos below on the slider or on our socials: Facebook, Instagram

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do! Just simply click the “Send a Message” button on the left with some details and we’ll  be in touch.

Do you work with any block management companies?

Yes, we have 7 block management companies we regularly work with.

Do your fittings come with warranties?

Most fittings will come with a 12 month manufacture warranty, some may be longer however its dependant on the brand.