Looking for a local CCTV specialist based in Essex? Then look no further! Here at Hadley Parker we have a wealth of experience when it comes to CCTV systems particularly the 4K ones.

Residential to commercial we can cater to all applications. Wether your looking for something more robust like a vandal proof camera, a camera which patrols an area such a PTZ camera then we can help!

For more information or to get a free site survey please get in touch.

How much for a residential CCTV system?

Well thats totally dependant on the type of system you go for, we’d rather not install anything less than 8MP (4K) resolution if we can help it. Afterall, whats the point in installing CCTV if the camera quality is awful.. Prices for these systems start at around £300 supplied and installed.

Do you install and manage for residential blocks?

Yes, we have been comissioned to install and manage CCTV for small and large blocks of flats. From systems that just cover letterboxes to systems which cover whole complexes.

What brands of CCTV do you recommend?

We prefer installing Hikvision and Dahua CCTV systems.

I want to upgrade my CCTV - can you help?

Yes of course, wether you have an IP based system or a coax system we can normally just upgrade the recorder and cameras.

Will you install my own equipment?

Yes we can certainly help you with that – we just won’t be able to offer any warranty.

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